Export department

Founded in 2005, ENERSOL is located in Battice (close to the city of Liège), in Belgium. It consists of a bonded warehouse, a workshop and offices where the sizing and the planning of works happen. Our company employs about 50 people: engineers, technicians, electricians, heating specialists, roofers and administrative staff. As of today, ENERSOL is one of the most important solar energy installer in Belgium. To date (2016) it has setup about 30MWp of photovoltaic installations in Belgium and abroad.

Throughout its evolution, ENERSOL has integrated the values of sustainable development and our company wants to improve access to energy for southern countries. It sets up partnerships with local qualified partners in order to guarantee the technical follow-up of the installations. For this reason, ENERSOL created a department devoted to off-grid areas, called Eneroffgrid.

Based on a very good experience of southern countries, ENERSOL’s goal is to be able to provide appropriate solutions to local needs, precise information and fair prices.

For larger installations, ENERSOL engineering consultants have necessary skills to take care of each project from A to Z.

Eneroffgrid engineering department offers services for various applications as off-grid electrification, solar pumping, solar heating (for domestic hot water or for some industrial applications), streets LED lighting, full solutions & solar generators containers, studies of specific solutions. We work with renowned brands, mainly made in Europe.

ENERSOL aims to create an installators network and empower them offering trainings, assistance and technical advice in order to make them able to manage and maintain off-grid installations.
We currently have sub-offices and/or partnership offices in Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Haiti and Rwanda.
Beside that we work as contractor/service provider/supplier in other countries.


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• Gerard GOEDERS +32 493 878 510 - gg@enersol.be

• Jean de CAMBRY +32 494 999 386 - jdc@enersol.be